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Winter on Rügen

Winter on Rügen: Plenty of activities for our guests

A walk along the coast of the Baltic Sea is lots of fun if you are wrapped up warm. White crests will dance along your side on the waves and the fresh sea breeze will clear your head. Quality holiday resorts offer fantastic wellness treatments. For a stay in the Seepark Seelin during the winter months on Rügen you should always have your swimming gear ready – right beside the resort the swimming pool is waiting for you. Here you can relax as a family, go on the slides and sit in sputtering fountains while the health-conscious guests can enjoy the sauna area. Massages and chalk compresses with the healing chalk of Rügen are also on offer. If you go walking a few kilometers in the morning you will definitely appreciate the foot and leg massage in the afternoon. A refreshing cocktail from the bar will boost your vitamin levels. The pool has a further attraction during the winter months: the ice ring opens and everyone can join in as ice skates can be borrowed in all sizes on-site! After this activity you can sit down and enjoy a hot cup of sea buckthorn tea for which Rügen is famous!

A sleigh ride in the winter on Rügen

During ice and snow in the winter months on Rügen a magical fairy-tale comes true. The sun is often out during the winter months and the white snow sparkles beautifully. The seaside resorts offer sleigh rides during the winter on Rügen and if the weather permits they even put down a cross country skiing track. Guests and locals are delighted when the bay freezes over and get out their ice sledges! The wind blows into their sails and the vehicles shoot across the ice. People who cannot or do not like to take part can instead join others watching the fast paced race. Antique originals and replica sledges are prepared to be ready for takeoff across the lagoon. In the past fishermen used these ice sledges in the winter on Rügen to go fishing for zander. The sledge was also used during winter for transport; nowadays snow ploughs keep the roads clear and save the island from being cut off from the outside world.

With the train across the snow-covered island

Rügen’s popular steam engine “Rasender Roland” also takes guests to different locations during the winter on Rügen. The ride with this tourist train is nostalgic and amusing. It is also a comfortable way to do a round trip on Rügen from Lauterbach Mole to Binz, Sellin, Baabe and Göhren. This way you can easily explore the different attractions of each place. The train stations are never far from the piers and the promenade in Göhren is only 100 meters from the platform. Any visitor must see the piers of the different seaside resorts; the most famous and longest one on Rügen is the pier in Sellin. You can visit the restaurant on the pier and take in the exclusive views across the Baltic Sea. The pier has been restored to historic standards and was re-opened in 1998 – the results are impressive. The first pier in Sellin was built in 1906, since then it attracts many visitors – during summer as well as winter months.

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