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Your summer holidays on the island of Rügen

The summer on Rügen

Rügen is one of the main tourist strongholds in Germany. The island records approximately a quarter of all overnight stays in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Most guests visit Rügen between April and October; peak season is between June and August – this is when the swimming season starts and therewith the holiday season. One of the most popular sports activities you can pursue on the island of Rügen is wind and kite surfing. In the western part of the island Rügen, in the middle of the National Park of Western Pomerania, just before Suhrendorf, you can find Germany’s biggest shallow waters for surfing. Steady winds, shallow bay waters as well as the rough Baltic Sea attract thousands of wind and kite surfers each year from all over Germany and Europe. A lot more relaxing but not less popular amongst young and old is fishing. The waters around Rügen are rated to be amongst the best fishing waters in Germany. The main waters are the small and the big lagoon of Jasmund, the lagoon of Kubitz and the brackish waters which you can find all around the island between the different bays.

The longest beach of the island

The longest beach of the island is known as “Schaabe”, it is a small spit of land with an 8 km long bend between the peninsula of Jasmund and Wittow.

The “bath” (“Badewanne”) of Sellin also offers very fine and clean sand. At the beach right at the pier of Sellin you can rent out a beach chair and comfortably worship the sun.

Another beautiful alternative is the fine sandy beach of Prora, it is quite wide, 8 km long and reaches from Binz to Sassnitz.

You can access it from Binz, in Prora and at different places from the forest along the L29.

The summer-coast-island climate

The climate of the coast and on the island is characterized by fresh and clean air, lots of sunshine and lively airflow. On less windy days during summer, wind circulation forms periodically during the day. This is caused by the different temperatures of land and sea and mainly occurs when there is a light offshore wind.

The sea breeze usually sets in around the late morning and weakens again in the afternoon or evening. As a result, there are no heat periods at midday or early afternoon – a welcome effect especially on hot summer days when you want to spend a comfortable day at the beach.

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