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Dog beaches at the Baltic Sea: fun for dog and owner

Dog beaches at the Baltic Sea

Both dogs and their owners can find great joy at the dog beaches of the Baltic Sea. Everyone who walks at the beach will see this – happy dogs that explore the beach and then brave an exciting swim in the sea. When their owners throw a stick into the waves there is no stopping them and you get to see impressive swimming skills.
Your dog will find many playmates in a relaxed atmosphere – holidays for everyone!

On Rügen and nearby you will find beautiful dog beaches along the Baltic Sea. These are usually romantic stretches in quiet places at which you can relax perfectly.

The “free” beaches between the different seaside resorts are all accessible for everyone. Guests and their dogs are welcomed at these nudist beaches. Dog friendly beaches at the Baltic Sea – this means an off-lead frolic for your beloved pet.

You should however be aware of where your dog should be kept on lead; this may vary between the different resorts.

The Baltic Sea is overall a very dog friendly holiday destination, Rügen included. Hotels and restaurants often have fresh water available at their entrance for dogs and you can visit many tourist attractions such as the forest abseil garden in Prora on Rügen with your dog.

Active holidays with your dog

Choose accommodation that is close by

Guests who travel with their dog are well looked after in a holiday apartment. There is a list of accommodations at the Baltic Sea in which both, guests and their dogs are welcome. Even if accommodation isn’t marked as dog friendly, it is still worth asking. The staff at reception in the resort Seepark Sellin on Rügen will be pleased to help choose a suitable apartment for guests who bring their four-legged friends. You will also receive a brochure about the popular seaside resort and the different dog beaches at the Baltic Sea. It is simply good to know that your pet will be welcomed at your holiday resort, this way you can start each day knowing that your dog, just like its owners, is a valued guest.

Choose accommodation that is close by
Beautiful walks

Beautiful walks & dog beaches

If you have a dog, walking will definitely be part of your holiday itinerary! Your four-legged friend will without doubt thrive on a Baltic Sea holiday as he will get to know new walks and territories and take in new surroundings. Many dogs love the sea as much as their owners.
  Wonderful walking trailsthrough impressive beech forest await you and your dog on Rügen. If you choose the high cliff walk you can walk back down along the coast line, pass by the dog beach and go for a refreshing swim with your friend. The 10 kilometer long beach on Rügen known as “Schaabe” can also be explored with your dog even though it is not an official dog beach at the Baltic Sea. This free and natural beach is a great insider’s tip for all of those who love a quiet and peaceful place and want to enjoy the atmosphere at the sea. It is characterized by forest, water and dunes – a paradise on earth for Baltic Sea fans.

Off season is the best time

Every dog owner is aware: When there are lots of people around, dogs get stressed and over-excited more easily than usual. Therefore you may want to try to choose your stay in autumn, winter or spring in order to really enjoy your Baltic Sea holiday. Your walk along the sea will be a lot more relaxed and the dog beaches at the Baltic Sea will offer more space than during midsummer.

Off season is the best time to go to the dog beaches at the Baltic Sea

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