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The historic architecture of the seaside resorts on the holiday island Rügen

The architectural style is closely related to the development of the seaside resorts themselves.
The characteristics of the architecture are a consequence of the historic development of the seaside resorts. These characteristics were formed at the time of the romanticism period. People started to rediscover the potency of the sea and devoted themselves to it. This way the seaside resorts started off as lots of small fishing villages along the Pomeranian coast, their names are still familiar to us these days. Their number seems to be endless and they reach from Darß as far as Stolpmünden.

Today the development of the seaside resorts is being divided into 4 phases. All seaside resorts established up until 1830 owe their existence to efficient businesses or sovereigns. An example of this period is the first seaside resort of Rügen – Lauterbach near Putbus was established in 1816 by Wilhelm Malte of Putbus. The second phase is characterized by the continuously improved locations where beautiful secluded beach seaside resorts such as Binz and Sassnitz were built. As a consequence of the radical societal changes, tourism flourished from around 1880. Around this time resorts like Göhren or Sellin established their own traditional resort characteristics which formed the third phase of seaside development. In the fourth phase seaside resorts were established through governmental guidance.

Due to the necessity to accommodate a high number of guests, the loggia architectural model came into fashion. It offered maximum use of the space by planning a standardized type of house with a relatively flat roof. Later on they would put the loggia “corridor” in front of the façade. The loggia corridor is seen as an independent structural element without a constructional connection to the main body of the building. These timber balconies characterize the look of a loggia house, especially through their embellishments and decorative features.

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